IQ-AN9311_GPS (8.8inc)


MULTIMEDIA OEM AUDI A6 mod. 2005-2010
8.8 inch Full HD Touchscreen,
Resolution 1280x480pixels

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MULTIMEDIA OEM AUDI A6 mod. 2005-2010

CPU: CORTEX A53 – Quad core Frequency 1.1GHz – RAM: SAMSUNG DDR3 : 2GB – Flash : 32GB
TFT size : 8.8 inch IPS
Capacitive touch screen resolution : 1280×480 pixels
Support series of GPS software and network map. (google map …)
USB : 2 USB cables , USB Max support 64GB
Video format : Support H264 , MP4 , AVI , RMVB , FLV , MKV etc
Audio format : Support MP3 , WMA , FLAC , APE , AAC etc
Built-in WiFi
Built-in bluetooth for hands free phone call
It displays driving the computer real-time data (OBD data shows air conditioning, lights, door information, fuel consumption and air quality)
Full screen reversing radar warning information
Vehicle air conditioning.
Compatible with Steering Wheel control
WiFi Internet access, App Download.
Support rear view camera, reverse radar, reverse trajectory.
Support USB – DVR function.
Support for multiple file format of media playback.
Video Decode : 1080P
Product size : 28cm x 12.5cm x 4.6cm.
Compatible with Concert original radio ( need aux )
Δεν είναι συμβατό σε μοντέλα με εργοστασιακό NAVI
12+12 μήνες εγγύηση Ελληνικής αντιπροσωπείας

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